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Gondolier of Love

             Gondolier of Love is a light-hearted, romantic comedy of a game and a unique casual experience.  Playing as Valentino the Gondolier you must match the lonely singles of Venice and ferry the potential love birds through its hazardous canals.  Get them to fall in love by "hitting the notes" of different songs and by skillfully navigating Venice.  Soon the wedding bells will be ringing!


             The game is designed for the Nintendo Wii console. We have completed an extensive demo. We are actively seeking a publisher to finalize this exciting product.


             Randy performed all of the planning, programming and design work for the game. In addition, he found and coordinated with contract artists located around the world. The product uses the a modified Torque TGE (1.5.2) engine. The demo also works with a Wii Remote as well as an Xbox 360 controller.